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Mission & Vision


The mission of McKinley Elementary School is to provide all of our students’ equal opportunities for a quality educational experience and to progressively challenge their individual potential so that they become successful individuals.  We believe in our students and know that with the right guidance and opportunities for understanding they can “Become what they want to be”.

McKinley Elementary School is one where children are educated via collaborative efforts which include parents, faculty, staff, students, and community involvement. Our school environment encourages children to take risks and become creative producers without fear of failure. Through cooperation and a unity of spirit, challenges can become opportunities where achievements are recognized and celebrated. The potential of all children to become self‐directed lifelong learners fills the beliefs of the McKinley School family.
  • Excellence - We take pride in our work, give our best efforts, persevere, reflect on results, and have the courage to apply new understanding to other tasks.
  • Integrity - We will behave in an honest, trustworthy manner.
  • Respect - We have confidence in our own identity and will acknowledge, understand, and support the rights of others.
  • Collaboration - We will actively participate with others in sharing information and ideas towards  a common goal.
  • Accountability - We will take responsibility for the content and processes of decisions made, actions taken, and the resulting outcomes. 
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